Couples & Families

We can’t all be the perfect family – or the perfect pair. Couples therapy helps with myriad problems including intimacy issues, overcoming infidelity, enhancing communication, dealing with jealousy and building trust. Family therapy can help with explaining divorce to children, stopping fighting between siblings, transitioning blended families and more.

COUPLES: As a Board-Certified Sex Therapist and Relationship Counselor, I help couples struggling with intimacy issues, infidelity or who want to improve communication and become more mutually supportive. In order to avoid potential conflict, both members of a couple should be present at all sessions and I never take sides (unless it’s both sides!)

FAMILIES: I work with families to help members resolve conflicts and enhance communication. As a former clinical case manager, social worker and therapist for a social service agency focused on helping children and ensuring family preservation, I help members identify and use their strengths to help resolve problems. When applicable, I help clients locate helpful resources and referrals for additional services, and coordinate care with professionals already working with a family.

What Clients Are Saying…

“I’m not much of a testimonial guy but I DID want to write one just this once. Two years ago, my fiancé and I came to Felicia Levine in a very fragile and broken state. Our relationship had transformed, over time to a non-physical, non-affectionate cohabitation filled with frustration and sadness. I, as a man came with gender concerns. Would a female be fair and balanced or would she simply tell me that all the relationship issues that we had were my fault? That is what I expected. Fortunately, what we got was an open-minded, qualified, interested and attentive professional who quickly created a safe space for all parties to interact. Felicia asked all the right questions and in a very non-judgmental way proceeded to allow us to once again find our collective smile. Felicia listened and offered perspective, never once dictating to either of us. There were assignments and although I am far from perfect in task completion, these assisted us greatly. My fiancé and I BOTH looked forward to each session and I am thrilled to say that life at home is great. We are once again laughing, playing and holding one another in a way that I had assumed would not happen again. “

Scott and Amy P., Parkland

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